Financial Aid Requests


The Financial Aid Request Form allows students to deposit funds onto their Hoot Loot account from excess financial aid award funds or excess funds available on their University account. Students transferring excess financial aid to their Hoot Loot account may initially request up to $800 to purchase textbooks and supplies necessary for the upcoming semester.

Students requiring more than $800 for textbooks and supplies may request additional funds (up to $200) be transferred to their Hoot Loot account, only after they have spent the majority ($400) of the initial $800 transfer request at the SCSU Bookstore.

After purchasing textbooks and supplies from the SCSU Bookstore, remaining funds on the Hoot Loot account can not be reversed. Any remaining funds available on the student's Hoot Loot account may be used at any participating on campus or off campus merchant.

Financial Aid Request Form

The following overview outlines when students can submit financial aid transfer requests and when approved requests funds become available for use:

Semester Requests Accepted Approved Request Funds Available*
Fall Semester July - September August 1
Spring Semester December - February January 1
Summer Semester May - August May 5

* Approved request fund availability dates are tentative and subject to change without notice*.

Financial Aid requests are now over for the spring term.

PLEASE NOTE: Hoot Loot funds are not available for cash withdrawal.

**Summer financial aid requests are limited to $800 maximum for all for all of the summer sessions (A, B and C) combined. No additional funds beyond $800 may be transferred from excess aid during the summer semester(s).


Note: In an effort to provide increased security, requestors are required to log in with their SCSU username and password in order to submit a Financial Aid Request Form. For assistance with your SCSU Password, please visit the Password Assistance page or HelpDesk web site.