Hoot Loot

SCSU Hoot Loot ID CardThe SCSU Hoot Loot ID Card can also function as an optional campus pre-paid debit card. This allows you to make purchases at a variety of locations on and around SCSU’s campus. You don’t have to worry about credit card interest or charges, the possibility of overdrawing the account or carrying cash around campus. There are no fees for the Hoot Loot account and account balances will decline with each purchase you make. Your Hoot Loot debit account can be used year-round and your balance will carry over from year-to-year and is protected if reported lost or stolen.

Save time by using your card at:

Click Here for Off Campus Merchants

Click Here to Deposit Funds onto a Hoot Loot Account

Click Here to Get Discounts with Your Card

The University Card Office is available to assist you with your SCSU Hoot Loot ID Card needs. For general support, questions and assistance with the card program, please contact the University Card Office at 203-392-7077 or email us.