The following refund resources are available to SCSU Hoot Loot ID Cardholders:

Hoot Loot Account Refund

Funds deposited on the Hoot Loot debit account are not available for cash withdrawal. Hoot Loot debit account balances may only be refunded upon graduation or withdrawal from the University in the form of a check issued by the university and mailed to the student's home address (as on file with SCSU). Additionally, any outstanding balances due to the University must be paid in full prior to the refund being issued, in accordance with the Terms of Agreement.

Click here to download the Hoot Loot Account Refund Form in PDF format

Vending Machine Refund

If you lose money in a campus beverage, copier, laundry or snack machine you can request a Vending Machine Refund. For accounting purposes these refunds will be credited to your Hoot Loot account ONLY, no exceptions. The credit will be deposited on your account within 1-2 business days. The refund can be used at any vending machine on campus or any other locations where Hoot Loot is accepted.

Click here to download the Vending Machine Refund Form in PDF format