Meal Plans

Resident Student Meal Plans

Residence HallAll residence hall students are required to have a meal plan. The SCSU Hoot Loot ID Card is required to access these meal plans. Optional meal plans are also available for purchase by commuter students and SCSU employees.

Unlimited Board Meals:
Resident Platinum, Gold and Silver board meal plans are intended to be used in Southern's all-you-care-to-eat Connecticut Dining Hall. However, meals can also be used in food service dining locations with the Anywhere Meals program.

Anywhere Meals:
Each Plan comes with a specified number of weekly Anywhere Meals to be used in any of the food service retail locations. Each time you use an Anywhere Meal, the meal is subtracted from your weekly Anywhere Meal balance. Anywhere Meals do not carry over from week to week; however, your Anywhere Meals will reset to the specified number in accordance to your meal plan every Monday morning.

Guest Meals:
Each Meal Plan comes with a set number of guest meals for the semester. These can be used to treat a friend in Southern's dining community.


Resident Board, Anywhere and Guest Meals are only valid for the semester in which they are purchased. Food Loot will carry over from the fall to spring semester only. Unused Food Loot and meals cannot be refunded.


Food Loot:
All students living on campus have a Food Loot account. Food Loot is a “declining balance account” that works on the same principle as a debit card. Food Loot can only be used at Chartwells locations on campus, including Connecticut Dining Hall, Michael J. Adanti Student Center Food Court, Bagel Wagon, Davis Hall and North Campus Marketplace. Each time a cardholder makes a purchase, the purchase amount is subtracted from the Food Loot balance.

Food Loot will only carry over from the Fall to Spring semester. Unused Food Loot can not be refunded as all residents on campus are required to have meal plans. Hoot Loot will carry over from semester to semester per the Terms of Agreement.

Additionally, anyone may add any amount of funds to their Hoot Loot account for use at all participating on campus and off campus merchants. This account is in addition to and separate from the required meal plan.

For more information about resident meal plans and costs, visit the SCSU Food Services web site.


Michael J. Adanti Student CenterCommuter Student & Employee Meal Plans

In addition to meal plans for resident students, Southern offers commuter students and employees a variety of meal plans to fit different schedule types and lifestyles. The Standing Reservation commuter meal plans and Advantage Plan employee meal plans may be added to your SCSU Hoot Loot ID Card at any time. In addition to convenience of simply swiping your card for your meals, commuter student and employee meal plans allow you to save on the cost of meals over cash prices. Simply swipe and save!

To get started saving on your campus meals and learn more about the different meal plan options, select your affiliation: