Building Access

Residents! Your Hoot Loot ID card is also your key to get into your residence hall.


Using the Reader - Resident Hall Access

Resident students will get iCLASS "contactless" cards. These cards do not need to be swiped through the readers to gain entry, they only need to be waved a few inches away from the keypads. When the reader beeps and the light on top turns green, the reader has read the credential, and the door will unlock as long as access to it has been programmed.



Having issues with your card?

Please ensure that when you wave ID card at the reader, that it beeps and the light turns green, this indicates that the reader has read the credential. The light will flash green, and the door will unlock.

If you are having trouble accessing your residence hall, please contact the card office for assitance.

I am not a resident student, can I get an iClass card?

If you have a student employment position on campus that will require electronic door access, you will be asked to get an iClass card form the card office. Otherwise, due to the expense of the cardstock, we can only issue them to residents who use their cards a lot to access areas around campus.