Campus Meal Plans

Students at SCSU can purchase meal plans and get a discount on the cost of dining on campus!

Meal Plan Information

There are several meal plan options available to Students.

Dining on Campus

Southern Connecticut State University's Food Services are provided by Sodexo Food Services. There are several dining locations for Students spread across the University campus. We also have a range of Meal Plans, tailored for all different schedules and lifestyles.

Block Meal plans

Block Meals can be used in any of the food service retail locations located on campus. They are used to purchase "meal equivalency" combinations that each location offers. Locations to use Block Meals:

  • Adanti Student Center Food Court
  • Dunkin' Donuts
  • Bagel Wagon
  • Connecticut Hall
  • Davis Outakes
  • North Campus Market

Summer Meal Plans

Meal Plans are available during summer time which function like Block Meals but are drastically reduced in price. Food services is limited on campus during the summer. Conn Hall is open part of the Summer with a limited menu, and the Bagel Wagon is open. Summer Meal plans can be used at either location. Please Note that Summer Meal plans are only good for the Summer they are purchased in and do not carry over to the Fall term or the next Summer. All unused meals will be removed at the end of the Summer term.

Resident base meal plans

Resident base meal plans are handled by the Resident Life department and can be purchased or changed there. Please see the Office of Residential Life Meal Plans page for more information.

Resident add on plans

Residents can add block meals onto their existing meal plans. This will add the number of block meals purchased to the student's account and allow them to purchase equivalency meals in addition to their Connecticut Hall access. Add ons can be purchased on this page by logging in to the web site, purchase options will be to the right.

Purchase a meal plan

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Campus Meal plans are only avilable to current SCSU students, staff, and faculty. Please login to purchase a meal plan.

Commuter Meal Plans
Anywhere Meal Plans:
  • Block of 25 Anywhere meals - $240.00. A savings of $10.00
  • Block of 40 Anywhere meals - $355.00. A savings of $45.00
  • Block of 80 Anywhere meals - $583.00. A savings of $217.00
Staff/Faculty Meal Plans
Anywhere Meal Plans:
  • Block of 20 Anywhere meals - $186.00. A savings of $14.00
  • Block of 40 Anywhere meals - $345.00. A savings of $55.00
  • Block of 80 Anywhere meals - $566.00. A savings of $234.00
Meal plan savings calculated based on lunch time cash door price for entry to Connecticut Hall, which is currently $10.00.